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Proper sealing and waterproofing are two of the most crucial aspects of proper upkeep. At RSF Waterproofing, we use state-of-the-art waterproofing technologies and advanced coating systems to provide bespoke solutions for every home or office.

Our team of professionals offer bespoke solutions depending on the underlying issue or customer’s needs. From HDB flats to landed properties, we deliver premium waterproofing services that stand up to Singapore’s tropical climate. With our proven track record, you can rest assured your property will have proper protection as we eliminate water leak issues for good.

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Waterproofing Services Offered by RSF Waterproofing

Ceiling Leakage Repair

Ceiling leaks and seepages are common problems that require prompt solutions. Our contractors will thoroughly inspect the leakage source and repair damaged areas. They will apply waterproof coatings using high-quality sealants and waterproofing membranes to prevent future leaks.

Water Pipe Leakage Repair

Leaky pipes are an annoying issue that can indicate the start of a larger seepage, mould, and a musty smell. We fix leaking plumbing fixtures using high-quality pipe repair sleeves and sealants. Our pipe repair services include leak detection to identify the leak source and comprehensive pipe replacement if necessary.

PU Injection

Cracks and joints in walls and floors often become sources of unwanted leakages. Our contractors provide a long-lasting solution by cleaning and widening the cracks. The latter are injected with high-density PU foam to provide a durable sealant and waterproof barrier.

Nano Waterproofing

Nano waterproofing is a modern method for applying hydrophobic protection on roofs, walls, and floors. We use such coatings on surfaces to prevent water penetration while retaining vapour transmission. Our professionally installed nanoparticle coatings last up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

Why Choose RSF Waterproofing for Your Waterproofing Needs

RSF Waterproofing’s licensed professionals have all the necessary credentials to carry out high-quality waterproofing service, regardless of the severity of the issue. From bathroom and toilet waterproofing to ceiling and pipe leakages, we provide bespoke solutions with a warranty on our services.

Our project managers oversee all technical aspects of each task. They work closely with clients to meet all requirements, assess conditions, recommend appropriate waterproofing solutions, and ensure timely completion.

At RSF Waterproofing, we utilise the latest materials and techniques in the industry. The arsenal of services includes PU grouting, nano-technology waterproofing, silicone sealants and more. That way, every seal our waterproofing specialists make is permanent and durable enough to withstand Singapore’s harsh weather conditions.

We understand the urgency of water leaks, so we provide 24/7 emergency repairs for all residential, commercial and industrial properties. Despite the immediate response, our contractors will adhere to the strictest work standards to ensure quality and long-lasting results. Moreover, our careful approach to addressing pipe leaks and other water damage guarantees neat servicing with minimum disturbance.

Your Top High-Quality Waterproofing Services in Singapore

  • Ceiling leakage repair: This involves identifying the source of ceiling leaks and carrying out a thorough repair procedure.
  • Water pipe leakage repair: Repairing busts or leaking water pipes in bathrooms, kitchens or underground.
  • PU injection: Carefully injecting polyurethane into cracks and voids in walls and floors. The result is an impermeable seal that provides long-lasting water resistance without hacking and demolishing works.
  • Nano waterproofing: Nano-engineered coatings protect surfaces like concrete, cement, masonry, and wood from microcracks, rusting and water damage by abrasion. Moreover, the nanotechnology has been approved by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) as an eco-friendly sealing solution. Whether it’s your foundation, kitchen or toilet, this method will provide a long-lasting solution for your home.
  • Water tank waterproofing: Our waterproofing contractors give a second life to old and neglected pools and water tanks. RSF Waterproofing’s service involves refurbishing and re-sealing water containers to prevent water loss and contamination.
  • Bathroom waterproofing: Are you dealing with a leaky shower recess? Our waterproofing specialists will protect your bathroom from cracks and joint problems using specialised sealants and impermeable membranes. Depending on your needs, we will re-grout and reseal the affected areas or provide complete bathroom waterproofing.
  • Roof and terrace waterproofing: Preventing roof and terrace leak damage requires applying modern coatings that provide resistance against seepages and cracks. As a professional waterproofing company in Singapore, we use various methods like cementitious, bituminous coating and bituminous membrane waterproofing that guarantee your building’s longevity.

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Long-lasting solutions require applying the latest trends in the industry. At RSF Waterproofing, we cater to our clients’ needs using the highest quality products and technologies.

We offer free site inspections and residential, commercial and industrial property quotations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your proofing needs resolved by the top waterproofing contractor in Singapore.

FAQs on Waterproofing in Singapore

Typically, waterproofing membranes and coatings can last between 10 and 20 years with proper maintenance. Their durability depends on the material, installation quality and external factors like climate and human damage.

The most common causes of leakage are cracks in walls or floors, defective plumbing, poor drainage and failed waterproofing systems. In some cases, the problem may stem from missing grout, damaged tiles or faulty sealants.

To prevent water leakages, you must ensure proper drainage around your property and address any defective plumbing and leaking taps. RSF Waterproofing effectively solves pipe leaks, including sealing cracks and wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, we provide regular inspections and maintenance of waterproofing systems to catch any early signs of damage.

Waterproofing prices depend on various factors. Some benchmarks include area size, the type of waterproofing material, and job complexity. For reference, waterproofing a bathroom costs between $500 to $2,000 in Singapore. However, it’s worth noting that commercial projects usually cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes. Our experts are fully licensed and insured according to all government standards and guidelines. Depending on the type of job, our contractors will provide a quality warranty.