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Nowadays, we are often caught up in our daily tasks, too busy to take proper care of our homes. Thankfully, professional handyman services in Singapore can fix up every HDB, commercial, or industrial property. 

When it comes to finding a reliable contractor for your home repairs, we provides peace of mind that your biggest investment is protected. With a proven track record and a long list of satisfied clients, we have remedies for every problem, from leaky taps to door lock repairs and fixture replacements.

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5 Essential Handyman Services That Distinguish Us

General handyman works

Getting a job done with RSF Waterproofing is not limited to a specific niche. We will handle every matter from small repairs like replacing knobs and handles and hanging artwork to tile work. Simply put, we have a fix for every small or medium problem!

Carpentry and furniture assembling

We have experienced carpenters who can repair and replace doors, cabinets, and flooring and perform furniture installations and repairs. Whether it's for maintenance, partial replacement, or new installation, our workmanship is no different than that of professionals who specialise in one field only.

Home security solutions

Feeling well-protected in your home is crucial, and RSF Waterproofing understands this perfectly. Our experts can install and repair locks, door chains and window grills for peace of mind without worrying about thieves and other unwanted guests.

Minor electrical and lighting works

We provide fast electrical and lighting services at affordable rates, from repairing switches and sockets to replacing lamps and fixtures. Whether you've noticed a burning smell from an outlet or need your kitchen lights replaced, our technicians will provide a quick fix.

Emergency repairs 24/7

Whether during the day or night, we provide emergency repair services for client's needs. If you have urgent problems like burst pipes, jammed drainage, or door locks, our experts will respond immediately.

Additional Handyman Services We Provide

  • Painting interior rooms or exterior surfaces – Our team can paint everything from walls to trim, cabinets and fences. We have the skills and professional tools to ensure proper prep work, primer application, paint, and clean up when done.
  • Assembling or moving furniture – Do you need to hang your new shelves? Perhaps you’re looking for help with the move. We will cover that for you!
  • Installing appliances – Appliance installation often involves lifting and moving heavy objects like dishwashers. Moreover, it may require socket installation or other minor electrical work to ensure seamless operation of lighting accessories like ceiling fans.
  • Minor roof repairs – We are experts at waterproofing, including roof waterproofing and minor repairs. These merits make us a trustworthy choice when dealing with tasks like fixing shingles or gutters.
  • Yardwork and landscaping – If you have a commercial or landed property, we will help you with the weeding, mulching, hedge trimming and pruning for a neat garden or yard.
  • Garage door adjustments or opener installation – Over time, doors tend to loosen their alignment and require re-adjustment. We will fix your garage door and install a new opener for maximum security.
  • Drywall patching and basic wall repairs – Drywall provides a quick fix for flaws in your interior walls. Still, it is fragile and prone to chipping and denting. Worry no more because we will readily patch imperfections to your home’s drywall or wall.

Why Hire RSF Waterproofing for Your Handyman in Singapore?

Our team brings years of experience to handle jobs both big and small. We provide free estimates and guarantee our work. For any handyman needs in Singapore, RSF Waterproofing has the solution. Let us put our experience to work for you!

RSF Waterproofing is a licensed contractor that adheres to all Building and Construction Authority (BCA) regulations. Our licenses allow us to operate legally and safely in Singapore while protecting our customers from poor work quality. In the unlikely event of a problem arising from the work performed in your home, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

The technicians at RSF Waterproofing undergo rigorous training and certification before we assign them. This method gives us high-level confidence in various areas, including plumbing repairs, electrical work, plastering, tiling, woodwork, and more. No job is too complex for our capable staff.

RSF Waterproofing guarantees all work for one year and provides more extended warranties for major jobs. We use only the highest quality materials and tools to ensure repairs and installations are done correctly the first time. Our technicians take pride in providing work that exceeds customer expectations.

RSF Waterproofing combines premium quality services at competitive and affordable pricing for all homeowners. Our technicians are fully committed and will provide free check-ups and estimates for all jobs. Best of all, they will work within your budget and provide custom solutions that fit your needs. Quality work does not have to come at a high cost.

Typically, most handymen in Singapore can handle general tasks like replacing light bulbs, hanging pictures and assembling furniture. However, some specialise in specific jobs like electrical work, plumbing repairs, carpentry, painting, etc. That’s why it’s best to ask what services they provide before hiring one.

Licensing and insurance are crucial factors, especially when hiring a handyman in Singapore. Ask if the company and its workers have the necessary permits and licenses to perform the required work. Also, inquire about their insurance policies in case of any damages or accidents. Unlicensed or uninsured handymen could cost you more money, time and hassle in the long run.

In most cases, hiring an established company is more likely to produce the quality results you need. Moreover, such a team has better chances of showing a positive track record and a more concise understanding of the local building codes and regulations. Of course, newer businesses often have lower rates, but their lack of experience may pose a higher risk.

Reputable handymen should be able to furnish references from satisfied customers. Ask for contact information of previous clients and call them to inquire about the quality and timeliness of the work performed. This can give you peace of mind that the handyman you are considering hiring does high-quality, efficient work.

A warranty shows that the handyman service stands behind their work. Ask if they provide a warranty on the parts they install and their labour. Also, inquire about the specific details and length of the warranty. Doing so will cover your expenses if you stumble upon poor workmanship or faulty materials.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman Service in Singapore

RSF Waterproofing: The Top Choice for Handyman Services in Singapore

RSF Waterproofing is the premier provider of handyman services for residential and commercial properties in Singapore. We not only provide a comprehensive range of handyman services, but we guarantee high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

From tile replacement to painting and carpentry, our licensed tradesmen will handle renovation projects of all sizes. Suppose you’re looking for reliable HDB handyman services. In that case, RSF Waterproofing is your one-stop shop for all your repair and renovation needs!

FAQs on Handyman Services in Singapore

Yes, installing recessed lighting is one of the many services we offer at RSF Waterproofing. Our handymen excel at basic electrical work like “can” lighting installation. Typically, the procedure involves cutting holes in the ceiling, wiring the fixtures, and connecting them to the existing electrical system.

Yes, our handymen have extensive experience as plumbing technicians. They will easily remove your old toilet, install new wax seals and bolts, and connect the new toilet to the water supply and drain lines. If your system requires a major plumbing repair, we have licensed plumbers who will promptly address the issue.

In Singapore, handymen must obtain a formal license from the BCA. Additionally, they may obtain auxiliary certifications in trades like electrical, plumbing or carpentry work. In this regard, it’s best to do your research and ask for certifications when hiring a handyman. Handyman in Singapore also do door replacements and window grille installations.