Singapore is known for its hot tropical climate, which will excite most tourists. However, residents often face the challenges that come with heat and humidity. The list includes frequent rainstorms, monsoons, flooding and other extreme weather events that take their toll on buildings and infrastructure. Logically, water leaks from roofs, walls and floors have been a common problem in every Singaporean home until the introduction of nano waterproofing.

In the past decade, waterproofing contractors have introduced a powerful line of defence against Lion City’s climate with nanotechnology. Indeed, nano waterproofing’s groundbreaking efficiency revolutionised waterproofing in Singapore. From water repellent to material strengthener, these nanoparticles perform flawlessly under any condition. Here’s how nano waterproofing will protect your home, business, or building project from Singapore’s tropical environment.

Understanding Singapore’s Hot and Humid Climate

Singapore’s climate surely is responsible for most of the damage to modern properties. However, three specific characteristics make it difficult for Singapore homeowners to maintain their homes: constantly high temperatures, heavy rainfalls, and high humidity.

Year-round Heat

The average daily temperature in Lion City is around 82°F or 28°C throughout the year. But heat isn’t the only discomfort residents experience. Constant high temperatures create a predisposition for heavy rainfalls and more extreme weather conditions. On top of that, combining heat with humidity is a time bomb for condensation and mould growth in badly insulated homes.

Heavy Rainfall

Undoubtedly, the surrounding sea significantly influences Singapore’s weather and receives ample rainfall, with the highest amounts falling between November and January during the Northeast Monsoon season. The mean annual rainfall is approximately 90 inches or 2300mm, with rain falling nearly every day. This high volume of rain, combined with the year-round heat and humidity, creates a challenging climate for materials and structures.

High Humidity

Perhaps humidity is the biggest enemy of every home in Singapore. Due to the constantly high temperatures and heavy rainfalls throughout the year, Singapore has a persistent relative humidity of around 84% annually. It’s usually the highest during the early morning and at night and reaches over 90% during prolonged periods of rain. This weather characteristic presents issues like mould growth, corrosion, and the deterioration of many materials.

What Is Nano Waterproofing?

man nano waterproofing the ground
Man doing Nano waterproofing works

When you combine heat, abundant rainfall and oppressive humidity, there’s hardly anything that can overcome and protect against these conditions. Fortunately, introducing nano waterproofing treatments has proved game-changing and has become a standard among professional waterproofing contractors.

This technology uses microscopic nanoparticles measuring 100 nanometers or less to provide a consistent surface coating. Consequently, the coating serves as an invisible barrier with water-repellent properties that prevent water damage while maintaining breathability.

Apart from its superior water repellency, nano waterproofing bonds chemically to the surfaces once it cures. This feature ensures long-lasting protection that can maintain any roof for many years with minimal degradation. In most cases, re-applications are done after 5 to 10 years to maintain the coating’s repellent properties.

3 Advantages of Using Nano Waterproofing in Singapore

Due to its water-based liquid formulation, nano waterproofing has quickly revolutionised the way Singapore homeowners combat water-related problems. The advanced nano-coating seals out water at a molecular level while remaining breathable and environmentally sustainable. Here’s what hiring a licensed waterproofing contractor to install nano waterproofing in your home will bring:

Seamless, Continuous Coating

The tiny nano-particles are able to penetrate the pores of materials and bond strongly at a molecular level, creating an unbroken coating across the entire surface. This eliminates weaknesses or gaps where water could seep in, which are common with traditional waterproofing methods. The continuous, seamless coating offers comprehensive protection, even for complex architectural details.

Hydrophobic and Low Maintenance

Arguably, the primary feature of the waterproofing nanoparticles is the hydrophobic layer they create. When applied to roofs or floors, it causes the water to bead up and roll off, making a self-cleaning effect that requires little maintenance. Moreover, residents have less staining and fewer water spots to clean, which also eliminates mould, algae, and bacteria growth. Ultimately, buildings with nano waterproofing stay cleaner and fresher-looking with minimal upkeep.


As climate change awareness begins to increasingly influence all contractor services in Singapore, nano waterproofing provides a perfect alternative to outdated waterproofing solutions. It is eco-friendly and requires only a single coating application, reducing material usage and waste. Best of all, the nano-particles are non-toxic, odourless, and VOC-free and remain inert and chemically stable after application. All these characteristics help eliminate the risk of air and water pollution, making nano waterproofing installation a popular alternative to traditional methods.

Why Hire a Professional Nano Waterproofing Contractor

nano waterproofing
Worker waterproofing the wall

Experience and Expertise

Professional nano waterproofing contractors have extensive experience and expertise in the field. They can properly assess the waterproofing needs of residential and commercial properties. They know the suitable products and techniques to effectively waterproof roofs, balconies, toilets, and bathrooms. With their experience, they can also diagnose and repair any leakages or water seepage issues in buildings.

Use of Advanced Technology

Reputable nano waterproofing contractors use advanced technologies and products for their projects. Since nano-technology-based waterproofing products are durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly, most professionals offer them as an alternative to traditional methods. Of course, such high-tech products require proper training and equipment, and you would want to ensure you’re hiring only waterproofing contractors with experience and expertise.

High-Quality Workmanship

Professional contractors follow stringent procedures and standards to ensure high-quality workmanship. They prepare surfaces properly before applying waterproofing products. They can achieve an even and smooth coat that provides maximum protection. Their workmanship includes certifications and warranties to give clients peace of mind.

Safety and Convenience

Hiring a professional contractor for your waterproofing needs provides safety and convenience. They have the necessary safety gear, training, and permits for the job. You do not have to deal with the dangers and health hazards associated with waterproofing chemicals and applications. Let the experts handle the waterproofing while you attend to other important matters.


Undoubtedly, nano waterproofing has proven to be a superior protection for buildings and structures in Singapore’s tropical climate. By forming an invisible shield that repels water and prevents damage, nanocoatings provide effective and long-lasting water repellency for roofs, walls and floors. With their durability and ability to self-clean, these coatings continue working over time with minimal maintenance.

Implementing nano waterproofing allows you to defeat the challenges of humidity, heavy rainfall, and salt corrosion. When you utilise this advanced technology, your building projects will stand up to the region’s climate while looking better and lasting longer. No wonder nanotechnology gives professional waterproofing contractors confidence and quality assurance in Singapore’s tropical environment.

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